Amazing Places to Visit with a Schengen Visa from the UAE
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Amazing Places to Visit with a Schengen Visa from the UAE

Residents and citizens in the UAE have many perks when living here and one of them is the freedom to travel to many incredible countries! The passport issued to UAE citizens is very powerful and also the visa that UAE residents have has many benefits in getting a UAE passport or UAE visa. One such benefit is the opportunity to get the Schengen visa issued fast.  With a Schengen visa, you can visit 26 European countries full of incredible destinations and opportunities! However, the benefit of having a Schengen visa is not just limited to visiting these countries, it opens the door to many non-Schengen countries. You may wonder how. Having a Schengen visa on hand enhances your credibility and reliability and visiting countries with an on-arrival visa or getting a visa issued for selected countries is very easy. 

This blog is your guide to exciting travel options for UAE residents and citizens with valid Schengen visas. Visa requirements can change all the time and hence double check with the Dubai visa agency regarding the specific entry needs for your chosen destination.

Non-Schengen Countries that can be visited with a Schengen Visa from Dubai

Checkout the list of the top 6 amazing countries you can visit with a Schengen visa while residing in the UAE:


In Mexico, a valid Schengen visa permits entry for tourism, business, or transit purposes. Travelers must present both their visas and passports upon arrival. Mexico is always listed as the top destination for international tourism since the country is home to a rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes. Additionally, the country offers a wide range of experiences, from vibrant city life to serene beaches. You can explore ancient ruins, charming towns, and dramatic mountain scenery, all within a short flight from Dubai.


Schengen visa holders, except nationals from Kosovo, Taiwan, and Palestine, can enter Georgia visa-free for 90 days within 180 days. Georgia is one of the favorite destinations for UAE residents, especially for a short holiday trip. This country is famous for its stunning Caucasus Mountains, delicious food with unique spices, and a fascinating wine culture dating back thousands of years.


A valid multiple-entry Schengen visa permits a stay of up to 30 days, with a maximum of 180 days per year. Aruba, a Caribbean gem, boasts white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a vibrant nightlife. Visitors can explore Oranjestad, the capital, known for its colorful Dutch colonial architecture, or unwind on the renowned Eagle Beach.


Travellers holding a valid multiple-entry Schengen visa can stay in Montenegro for up to 30 days, with a yearly restriction of 180 days, without the requirement for an additional visa. Here tourists can explore mountains, charming coastal towns with Venetian influences, and serene national parks teeming with wildlife. Montenegro is a Balkan gem that is one of the top list tourist destinations. Balkan is a mountain range in Bulgaria and Serbia and the word meaning is mountain.

Saudi Arabia

Travellers can acquire a visa on arrival by presenting a Schengen visa that has been used at least once. This visa permits for a 90-day stay with a validity duration of 365 days. Explore the futuristic city of Riyadh, the historical port city of Jeddah, and the vast, captivating desert landscapes. You can also easily apply for an Umrah or Hajj visa if you have a Schengen visa since it enhances your credibility.


With a valid Schengen visa, travelers can obtain a 30-day single-entry visa within three months. Egypt, with its ancient pyramids and the Nile River, is a historically and culturally rich location. Visitors can discover the vibrant city of Cairo, the old temples of Luxor, and the tranquil beaches of the Red Sea.

Benefits of Traveling with a Schengen Visa

There are several advantages to traveling with a Schengen visa while residing in the UAE. A reliable Dubai visa agency will guide you throughout the process:

  • Simplified Visa Process

Having a valid Schengen visa can sometimes streamline the visa application process for certain non-Schengen countries. It will save you time and paperwork. 

  • Cost Savings

For some countries existing Schengen visas can eliminate the need for a separate visa for your chosen destination. This potentially saves money on visa application fees.

  • Peace of Mind

A valid Schengen visa offers peace of mind, knowing you already have pre-approved travel authorization for multiple European countries. This makes it easier to plan spontaneous trips within the Schengen Zone.

Planning Your Trip

Here are some key tips for planning your trip with a Schengen visa:
  • Double-Check Visa Requirements

    Always confirm the specific entry requirements for your chosen destination well in advance of your trip. To ensure the details you can either double-check with the Embassy or Consulate. Also, you can check with the Dubai visa agency, the consultants are always updated and can give you a quick response.
  • Visa Validity and Type

    Make sure your Schengen visa has enough validity to cover your travel dates and allows for multiple entries if you plan on visiting the Schengen Zone during your trip. If you are going as a tourist, you will be requiring at least a minimum of 6 months of validity. Many individuals had to unfortunately cancel the trip after arriving at the airport just because they didn’t have enough validity.
  • Onward Travel

    If your chosen destination requires a separate visa and you plan to travel onward to the Schengen Zone, ensure your visa allows multiple entries.
  • Book Flights and Accommodation

    Once you’ve confirmed visa requirements, proceed with booking your flights and accommodation for a stress-free travel experience. Travel agents in Dubai assist with visa and travel packages at very affordable packages, so you can enjoy your trip without any stress.
Holding a UAE residency and a Schengen visa opens the door to exciting travel possibilities beyond Europe. So don’t waste the opportunity to access the world with minimal paperwork and budget. Pack your bags and get ready for the next trip with your friends or family

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