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Canada Visa from Dubai

Making travel plans to Canada?  There is much to see and do in this intriguing North American country. Canada offers a wealth of breath-taking scenery and unique tourist attractions. It is a home to incredible and vibrant natural beauties from coast to coast.  The dynamism of Toronto, tranquility of Vancouver, towering mountains and glittering glaciers – all are sure to inspire your inner explorer. Apply for Canada Visa from Dubai at affordable price through First Business Holidays and Tourism L.L.C, the top travel agency Dubai.


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    Ethical Handling of Canadian Immigration Matters: Our Commitment

    Simply apply for a Canada Visa from Dubai while making your reservations at FB Holidays. As Canada tourist visa expert, we can handle the visa application process and make it very easy for you to attain the visa in a few days.


    Our company provides you with professional advice on immigration and career opportunities in Canada. With us, you can get the best Canada holiday packages that suit your interests and budgets. No need to worry about Canada visa application and processing, flight tickets, accommodations, food, transportation. 



    We manage everything at affordable rates and have a proven track record in delivering high-quality visa services in UAE.

    Explore Canada with the power of Canada visa from Dubai

    Canada Visa Application - Visa Requirements For UAE Residents

    Here are the required documents for Canada visa:



    • Passport original (validity of the passport must be 6 months from the date of travel)
    • Valid UAE residence Visa with 90 days validity
    • Original NOC letter stating salary, joining date, designation, travel purpose for employee addressing to the concerned Consulate / Embassy. Valid Trade License copy,
    • Latest 3 months online bank statement with bank stamp or original bank statement
    • Hotel / Ticket Booking
    • Marriage Certificate ( Couples)
    • Date of Birth Certificate ( Minor Children)

    Reliable Canada Visa Assistance in Dubai

    If a candidate wants to visit Canada for a vacation, arranging Canada tourist visa from Dubai is crucial. You must apply for a Canada visa or a temporary resident visa. For those who go to Canada for short periods for pleasure or business, a tourist visa is required. Canada tourist visa is required in order to travel for pleasure or to conduct business abroad. Enjoy time with friends or family in various locations in Canada. 



    Need support to carry out Canada visa processing? Then trust FB Holidays, the leading canada visa consultants in dubai for your needs.



    We provide:

    • Assistance in Filling Application form
    • Assistance to get appointments for visa
    • Assistance in making a file ready with required documents
    • Documents verification
    • Booking flight and hotel as per the requirement

    Processing Time : 6 months

    Price: 900 AED

    Based on whether the applicant is an adult or minor, the requirements may vary

    Why Choose Us?

    • Years of experience in visa processing
    • Safety & confidentiality
    • Quick, easy & hassle free process
    • 24/7 expert assistance

    We can do the entire process from start to finish – documents & requirements for visas. Everything is handled by our team, from the correct documentation to quick and hassle-free processing of your Canada visa application. 

    If you have specific questions about obtaining a Canada visa, contact us.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Usually, the Canadian visa processing is a long one and requires almost 6 weeks to get the visa issued

    1. Send us your documents via email.
    2. We will compile the application form and gather the necessary supporting documents.
    3. Schedule your interview date.
    4. You will receive the comprehensive package for submission.
    5. The application decision will be communicated to you via email.
    6. Submit your passport for visa stamping.
    7. Collect your passport with the approved visa.

    Your application outcome relies on the applicant's financial standing in the UAE. Kindly provide a six-month bank statement for assessment.

    We've helped many clients who were previously denied Canadian visas, and we've successfully assisted them in obtaining one.

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