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USA Visa from Dubai

Get a Visa to the United States of America; a country full of charms, wonderful opportunities, exquisite lifestyle and a booming business destination in the world. A visit to USA is a lifetime experience, and we at FB Holidays make it easy by helping you with the visa application and procedures. May it be for tourism, a business visit or general visit we can offer you the best suitable USA visa from Dubai depending on your travel purpose. With our knowledgeable and experienced staff; we offer the best visa services in UAE and excellent approval chances…

All you need to do is contact us or apply for the visa on our website and with correct documentation and proper details, we will be able to offer you the visa for United States of America within the mentioned time frame.

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    Required Documents For US Visa Appointment

    • Original passport valid for at least 6 months

    • UAE residence visa valid for 6 months or more

    • Original 6 months bank statement with bank stamp

    • Photo with white background 5×5 size.

    • NOC letter from your employer/proof of your business ownership

    • Proof of business ownership (for business owners/partners)

    • Example trade license copy with your name on it

    Tourist Visa to USA - Our Assistance

    • Assistance in Filling

    • Application form

    • Assistance to get appointments for visa

    • Assistance in making a file ready with complete documents as required

    • Documents verification

    • Booking flight and Hotel as per the requirement

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    USA Visa Processing Time

    1 week after appointment

    USA Visa From Dubai Price

    Price : 1000 AED

    Frequently Asked Question

    In most cases, the USA visa application from Dubai is processed within two days. However, in some cases, which require extra processing or requirements it may take up to 12 weeks.

    Step 1: Register the application online or through a visa service in Dubai.

    Step 2: Applicant should perform a medical examination in the UAE.

    Step 3: Get all the documents ready and be precise and complete the pre-interview checklist

    Step 4: Review interview guidelines


    Our consultant help you to get through these steps swiftly and effectively.

    We need to check your financial situation in the UAE to decide on your application. Please share a bank statement for the last six months so we can review it.

    No, it is not necessary to have a UAE residence visa to apply for a USA visa from Dubai, you can apply even if you are on a visit visa.

    At First Business Holidays, we possess significant expertise in assisting clients who have previously faced visa rejections, ultimately guiding them to secure their visas successfully.

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