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Egypt Visa from Dubai

You’ll probably need a visa if you want to move to or visit Egypt. It might be difficult to apply for a visa, especially if you are not aware with the requirements and processes. Join together with FB Holidays for reliable  visa services in UAE.

Egypt is renowned for having a rich culture that is unparalleled worldwide Egypt is regarded as one of the world’s oldest and most alluring tourist destinations. It is home to a number of noteworthy antiquities collections and national treasures that have captured the attention of travellers. As a visa travel agency based in Dubai, FB Holidays can plan the right vacation for you. We are here to assist you in handling your Egypt Visa processing requirements, whether you require an Egypt visit visa from Dubai, an Egypt tourist visa, or a short-term Egypt visit visa from UAE.

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    Easy Egypt Visa Application Process

    With the help of our Egypt visa services, applying for a visa is simple and stress-free. Our team of knowledgeable specialists offers thorough direction and assistance throughout the whole application procedure.

    FB Holidays makes international travel easy and hassle free.  Our professionals provide you with all the information you require. Moreover, we can assist with Canada, USA, UK, Singapore, Turkey, and Visas.

    Egypt Visa Requirements For UAE Residents

    • Passport valid for at least 6 months
    • UAE residence visa valid for 6 months or more
    • Original 6 months bank statement with bank stamp
    • Photo with white background.
    • Proof of business ownership (for business owners/partners)
    • NOC letter from your employer/proof of your business ownership
    • Example trade license copy with your name on it

    Our Assistance

    • Assistance in Filling Application form
    • Documentation submission in Consulate
    • Assistance in making a file ready with complete documents as required
    • Documents verification

    Processing Time

    10-15 working days after submission

    Price - 350 AED Single Entry

    Whatever may be the visa requirements; we quickly review and process your visa on your behalf. We keep you informed through the entire visa processing process. We’ll walk you through every step of the application procedure and address any queries you may have about your Egypt visa request.

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