Tour To Thailand From UAE - A Descriptive Guide
Guide On Tour To Thailand From UAE

UAE visitors adore Thailand for a plethora of reasons. Thailand is renowned as a well-liked travel destination for visitors worldwide because of its fascinating culture, stunning beaches, delectable cuisine, and friendly people. Additionally, Thailand is prominent for its subtropical weather, immaculate beaches, and extensive cultural history.

Thailand, also referred to as the “Land of Smiles,” is situated on the Indochinese Peninsula. Once you intend to travel to Thailand, you might need to apply for a Thailand visa from UAE before traveling. A UAE national may visit the nation for up to 30 days as a tourist and may extend their stay at any neighborhood immigration office for an additional 30 days.

As a result, Emirati tourists may visit Thailand for up to 60 days. It enables visitors to enter Thailand and discover the best attractions, including its magnificent temples, energetic cities, natural parks, and picturesque islands.  Southeast Asian nation.

Millions of tourists visit there each year, making it a well-known tourist destination.

Do the residents of UAE need a visa to enter Thailand?

Residents of the UAE do not need a Thailand visa from UAE, as the United Arab Emirates is one of the nations listed in Thailand’s Visa Exemption Scheme, this Scheme, however, only permits UAE citizens who enter Thailand for 30 days, while those who enter the country by land are only permitted to do so for 15 days. Consequently, if the resident decides to stay longer than 30 days, they must apply for a Thailand tourist visa with a longer stay.

Requirements of a UAE citizen for a tourist visa to Thailand

UAE citizens applying for a Thailand visa from UAE will need the following papers:

  • A fully completed Application form for a Thai visa 
  • Two photographs of the applicant at passport size that have a white background. The images shouldn’t be more than six months old. The applicant’s photo, information, and issue and expiration dates must all be visible on the passport pages.
  • A photocopy of a valid, minimum three-month residency permit for the United Arab Emirates.
  • A copy of the ticket for the confirmed round-trip flight.
  • A duplicate of the hotel confirmation letter 
  • A current health insurance policy with a minimum of 6,85,850 Thai Baht in coverage (73,460 AED). The insurance must cover the duration of the stay in Thailand.
  • Depending on the type of tourist visa the applicant is applying for, a bank statement may be required.
  • A single-entry tourist visa costs 400 AED (US$108.90), and multiple-entry visas cost 1,000 AED (US$272.26).

All you need to do to enter Thailand from the UAE

Apply for a Thai Visa

United Arab Emirates – a Visa Exempt country

Thai Elite Visa

If a UAE citizen wishes to make Thailand easily accessible for many years to come or is perhaps thinking of relocating permanently, it is worth having a look at the Thailand Elite Visa which allows an Emirati expat to live in Thailand for 5, 10, or even 20 years. The Thai Elite visa is exclusive and offers a host of benefits to holders. 

Non-Immigrant Visa

Foreigners may also apply for a wide range of non-immigrant visas:

  • Non-immigrant B Visa – for conducting business or employment
  • Non-immigrant O visa – for visiting Thai spouse and family
  • Non-immigrant ED visa – for students of recognized institutions in Thailand and their Parents or Legal guardian


Thailand has removed all of its restrictions and entry requirements; therefore, UAE citizens can easily visit the Land of Smiles by going through the points mentioned above and exploring Thailand for a plethora of factors. 

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