Visit Visa Duration: UAE Extends Duration of Visit Visa to 90 Days
AE Extends Visit Visa Duration to 90 Days: A Boon for Tourists and Residents Alike

Exciting news for visitors and residents in the UAE! As of May 2023, the Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) has introduced a new three-month visit visa, allowing travellers to stay in the UAE for up to 90 days. This recent development offers greater flexibility for tourists and families looking to spend an extended period exploring the country’s wonders. In this article, we will delve into the details of this new visa option and its benefits, along with essential information on the application process.

The 90-Day Visit Visa

The three-month visit visa is a welcomed addition to the existing tourist visa options in the UAE. Previously, visitors could apply for a 30-day or 60-day tourist visa, limiting their stay in the country. However, this new visa allows tourists and resident’s family members to enjoy an extended vacation in the UAE.

Eligibility and Application Process – The great news is that this visa is available to anyone interested in visiting the UAE for an extended period. Whether you’re a tourist looking to explore the country’s rich culture and iconic landmarks or a family member wanting to spend more time with loved ones residing in the UAE, you can apply for this visa.

The application process for the 90-day visit visa is relatively straightforward. Prospective visitors can contact their travel agents who will guide them through the application and issuance process. The standard documents required for the application include a recent passport-size coloured photograph and a copy of the passport.

Visa Fee and Extension Options – The cost of the 90-day visit visa may vary depending on the travel agency issuing it, with prices typically ranging from Dh 1,500 to Dh 2,000. It’s worth noting that the visa can also be extended within the UAE at an additional cost, providing even more flexibility for travellers who wish to prolong their stay beyond the initial 90 days.

Processing Time – Applicants can expect a smooth and efficient processing time for the 90-day visit visa. In most cases, the visa can be obtained within five working days. Some travel agencies may offer an expedited service, allowing applicants to receive their visa in as little as two days.

Benefits of the 90-Day Visit Visa

Extended Exploration and Experience – With the introduction of the 90-day visit visa, tourists can now explore the UAE at a more leisurely pace. This extended duration allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the country’s diverse culture, enjoy its world-class attractions, and savour its unique culinary delights.

Quality Time with Family – For residents in the UAE, the 90-day visit visa presents an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with their family members residing abroad. Whether it’s for a child’s summer vacation or parents visiting their expatriate children, the extended stay brings families closer together.

Flexible Travel Itineraries – The new visa complements the existing tourist visa options, offering travellers greater flexibility in planning their itineraries. Now, visitors can choose between a 30-day, 60-day, or 90-day visit, catering to their specific travel preferences and needs.

The introduction of the 90-day visit visa in the UAE is a significant development that benefits both tourists and residents. With the option to stay for an extended period, tourists can fully immerse themselves in the UAE’s wonders, while residents can enjoy valuable moments with their families. Whether you’re looking to explore the country’s iconic landmarks or spend cherished time with loved ones, the three-month visit visa provides the perfect opportunity for an unforgettable experience in the UAE.

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